AB 1483

This page is provided to provide links and information required by Assembly Bill 1483 (Grayson).  This page is under development and will continue to be updated.

AB 1600 Annual Fee Reports

Annual AB 1600 Fee Reports are prepared pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 66006 and subdivision (d) of Section 66013 of the California Government Code.  

Current Fee Schedule

The current Fee Schedule, including current application/permit and licensing fees may be found on the Master Fee Schedule webpage

Application Checklist

Development application checklist compiled pursuant to Section 65940 of the California Government Code may be viewed on the Planning Application webpage.

Zoning and Development Standards

All properties within the City of Citrus Heights are subject to certain development (zoning) standards found within the Citrus Heights Zoning Code, the City's General Plan, and various adopted specific plans. These documents are generally available on the Planning Division webpage or at the links below:

General Plan (including the Housing Element)

Zoning Code 

Auburn Boulevard Plan

Sunrise Tomorrow Plan (Sunrise Mall)

Stock Ranch Plan