Temporary Signs

About the Permit

The city permits the use of temporary signs for special events, sales, and promotions. Temporary signs include banners, pennants, flags, a-frame signs, and the like.

The city does not allow the display of these types of signs for continuous marketing efforts. Temporary signs require the issuance of a Temporary Sign Permit from the Planning Division.



Apply for a Temporary Sign Permit via the City's online application portal along with the required filing fee. Refer to the Temporary Sign Guidelines (PDF) for additional information.


The display of a temporary sign is allowed only for licensed businesses. Through approval of the Temporary Use Permit, a business may be authorized to display approved signage 1 time per year not exceeding 30 consecutive days. Each business is also allowed the additional 1-time use of a banner for the first 30 days after the commencement of a business. The following criterion is enforced for temporary signs:

  • Signs must be displayed on the property where the business is located
  • Off-site signs are not permitted
  • Signs may not be displayed within the public right-of-way including sidewalks, street medians, utility poles, etc.
  • Sign may be displayed 1 time per year and not to exceed 30 days