Residential Construction

Common Residential Construction Project Issues

In an effort to help you understand any impacts before you begin your project, the city has developed the following list of common issues that can surprise homeowners and may significantly affect the project's approval, budget, and timeline. Refer to the City's Development Impact Fee Brochure (PDF) to learn more about potential development impact fees.

Homes Accessed by Private Drives, Lanes, or Easements

Homes accessed via these methods may need a fire department release prior to your building permits being issued. For information on whether your property requires this release, contact the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District at 916-859-4300.

Development Standards

Find out where you can build on a lot by checking your property's allowed setbacks. A setback is the distance a structure must be from property lines and/or other structures. You can determine setback requirements by contacting the Planning Division at 916-727-4740.

Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinklers are required in all new single-family homes 3,600 square feet or larger. If you are constructing a new home or doing an addition that results in an increase of 50% or more square footage and the final total is 3,600 square feet or greater, you will be required to install fire sprinklers. The square footage is calculated for all roofed areas, including garages, covered porches, and basements. Contact the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District at 916-859-4300 for more information.

Flood Zone & Drainage Areas

Is your home located within a flood zone or within a drainage area? Properties in these areas have many restrictions and may not be eligible for modifications. Take a look around the property. Is there a creek nearby, an open ditch, or other drainage features? Before starting your project, contact the Engineering Division at 916-727-4770.

Sewer Connections

For information regarding sewer connection and/or fees for your property contact the Sacramento Area Sewer District (SASD) at 916-876-6100.

In partnership with SASD and the Sacramento County Regional Sanitation District (SRCSD), the city may offer reductions on sewer hookup fees for new development and redevelopment projects. Learn about the Citrus Heights Sewer Credit Program.

Street & Road Improvements

If the property does not have existing curb, gutter, and sidewalk along its street frontage, these improvements may be required as well as additional property dedications. Typically, this is required for new homes as well as major additions. Contact the General Services Department at 916-727-4770 for more information.

Water Connections

Contact the water agency providing service to your property for questions regarding your water connection. The city is serviced by 3 different water purveyors. If you do not know which water agency, use the Locate Your Water Purveyor tool.