Design Review Permits

About Design Review

Design review is the process by which the approving authority reviews projects for compliance with Citrus Heights development standards and design standards as established by the Zoning Code.

Approving Authorities

City Staff

City staff members serve as the approving body for new commercial construction or additions less than 5,000 square feet and residential developments of 5 to 9 units.

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission serves as the approving body of new commercial construction or additions greater than 5,000 square feet and housing developments of 10 units or more.

Single-family homes built on an individual basis, or up to 4 units if part of a housing development, are exempt from the design review process. The application package provides the application form and information on additional materials that are required at the time of submittal.



Please refer to the Design Review Permit Checklist (PDF) for the required materials of a Design Review Permit or Design Review Permit Modification application. For a Design Review Permit Modification, no additional square footage may be added, only exterior changes.


Application fees are due at the time of application submittal and are not refundable. Zoning code determines the approving authority. View the Design Review Permit fees.