Pet Licensing

Did you know that within Citrus Heights Municipal Code 8-90 it is a required that all domestically owned dogs and cats four months of age and older be licensed?

In order to license your pet, the animal must have a current rabies vaccination. A rabies tag is not a license. Owners of unlicensed and unvaccinated animals may be cited and face additional fines for further non-compliance. 

Benefits of Licensing Your Pet

  • Get reunited with your lost pet faster! Citrus Heights Animal Services Officers try to reunite identified pets the same day they're found, which saves you impound and shelter fees!
  • Link your pet's microchip numbers with the city license!
  • Pets with identification are held at shelter for 10 business days instead of a 3 day stray hold!
  • If your lost pet is injured, we can contact you to get permission for immediate treatment!
  • Many dog parks, apartment complexes, and boarding facilities require pets to be licensed.
  • Licensing fees fund services for pet owners and pets in the Citrus Heights community!

How to License Your Pet

In Person 

Citrus Heights residents only. The City of Citrus Heights accepts cash, check, and credit or debit card for Citrus Heights licensing fees paid in person at: 
City Hall (Citrus Heights Animal Services counter)
6360 Fountain Square Drive
Citrus Heights CA 95621 
(Note: Citations may only be cleared in person. Call 916-725-7387 if you have any questions or concerns.)


Purchase your license online: Go to PetData  
PetData accepts credit or debit card transactions only.

By Mail

Print the application and mail it along with your pet's rabies and spay/neuter certificates and your check or money order, payable to City of Citrus Heights Animal Services: 

Citrus Heights Animal Licensing
c/o PetData
PO Box 141929
Irving, TX 75014-1929

(Do not mail cash!)
(For licensing assistance call 855-223-1682 PetData Customer Service)

SACRAMENTO COUNTY: The City of Citrus Heights cannot process or receive payments for unincorporated Sacramento County.  For more information and frequently asked questions about licensing, visit Sacramento County's website.  
If your animal is not licensed or if you are unsure whether your animal is licensed, contact Citrus Heights Animal Services at 916-725-7387 or PetData toll free at

Licensing Fees

Citrus Heights Licensing Fees, effective 12/9/16
Type / Length of License 1-year
Unaltered Pet (not fixed)
Spayed/Neutered Pet (altered)
Senior 62+ (altered pets only)
Late Fee (30 days late)
Altered, microchipped cats only      
Lifetime Cat registration $60.00    
Lifetime Cat registration, Senior $50.00