Special Business License

Special Business Licenses are required for individuals performing certain types of business activities within the city limits.  Special Business Licenses are issued after a background review by the Citrus Heights Police Department. In addition to a Special Business License, employees who engage in certain activities will require an Employee Permit (see additional information on Employee Permits).  You will need a Special Business License if your business falls in the categories listed below:
  • Antique Dealers 
  • Auto dismantlers 
  • Bingo games, organizations, parlors 
  • Card rooms 
  • Circuses, carnivals, fairs, petting zoo 
  • Dance facilities 
  • Home repair/landscaping/pool cleaning 
  • Maid/carpet cleaning/janitorial/house cleaning 
  • Massage establishments and massage therapist (see Additional Information) 
  • Mobile auto repairs
  • Mobile or itinerate food sales (e.g.food trucksP 
  • Motorcycle sales, including new and used parts 
  • Pool halls 
  • Private security company (unless licensed by the State of California)
  • Purchase or sale of metals, including scrap metals 
  • Repossession or storage of autos
  • Weapons dealers & sales of gun powder

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