Average Weather Conditions

Citrus Heights has a climate that is characterized by mild winters and dry summers. The area usually has a low humidity. Light rain usually occurs between December and February. The following are a list of average temperatures throughout the year:

  • The average temperature throughout the year is 61 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Daily average ranging from 45 degrees in December and January to 76 degrees in July
  • Average daily high temperatures range from 53 degrees in December and January to 93 degrees in July.
  • Average daily low temperatures range from 38 degrees to 58 degrees.

Average Yearly Highs & Lows

The average year has 73 days with a high over 90 degrees, with the highest temperature on record being 114 degrees on July 17, 1925. The average year includes 18 days when the low drops below 32 degrees, with the coldest 1-day record being December 11, 1932 at 17 degrees. Typically, Citrus Heights enjoys 268 sunny days throughout the year.

Average Yearly Precipitation & Fog

Average yearly precipitation is 22.7 inches, with almost no rain during the summer months, to an average rainfall of 3.7 inches in January. On average, 96 days in the year have fog, mostly in the morning, primarily in December and January.