Municipal Code

The Citrus Heights Municipal Code constitutes a codification of the general and permanent ordinances of the city. The source materials used in the preparation of the code were the Sacramento County Code adopted by the city shortly after incorporation and ordinances subsequently adopted by the City Council. A printed copy of the Citrus Heights Municipal Code may be obtained at City Hall. The printed copy is updated on a quarterly basis. An electronic version of the Citrus Heights Municipal Code is updated within 15 days of the adoption of any new ordinances.

Ordinances Proposed for Adoption

None at this time.

Ordinances Recently Adopted

Ordinance No. 2017-002
Ordinance of the City of Citrus Heights to amend certain sections of the zoning regard to accessory dwelling units, residential accessory structures, residential parking requirements and other related zoning code sections

Ordinance No. 2017-003 
Ordinance of the City of Citrus Heights to amend zoning certain sections of the zoning code in regard to allowed uses in the business professional zone


The city is required by law to publish ordinances that are adopted by the City Council. State law allows the city to meet this requirement by publishing either the complete text or a summary of the ordinance. Summaries of ordinances, as well as completed texts of ordinances, are posted to the city's website in an effort to enhance public access to these documents. Posting these documents to the website is not intended to supplant the posting of hard copies in accordance with State Law.