Zoning Code Update 2016

 Hen Keeping - Updated September 2, 2016
The City Council recently approved Zoning Code changes that will soon allow the keeping of hens in urban residential settings.  The keeping of hens has been growing in popularity over the past few years and several residents had expressed the desire to raise chickens, mainly for egg production. 

At the August 11, 2016, City Council meeting, the City Council took the first steps in approving the requested changes.  The changes include 
standards that require hens to be contained from sunset to sunrise, the allowed location for the placement of coops from property lines, and other standards to help protect neighborhoods from noise and odors.  The following are some of the key standards that will become effective on October 8, 2016:
  • Up to 6 hens may be kept on residentially zoned lots that are developed with a single-family residence (hens not allowed on duplex or other multi-family properties).  Residential lots greater than 10,000 square feet are not limited to 6
  • Hens shall be contained in a coop or cage no less than five feet from any side/rear property line and twenty feet from any neighboring habitable structure during sunset to sunrise
  • Coops must be constructed with solid sides and allow for ventilation
  • Feed must be kept in secure metal containers
  • Click here for a complete copy of the regulations
For additional information, contact the Planning Division at (916)-727-4740 or by email at planning@citrusheights.net

Note:  there are no changes to the existing regulations on the keeping of roosters.  Roosters are only permitted on within the RD-1 or RD-2 zoning district or on residential lots of 20,000 sf and larger.