Chief Ronald A. Lawrence Welcomes You


What drives someone to push the boundaries of making a difference? To hold each day to a higher standard; modeling innovative resolution and progress? To relentlessly define new heights at which to stand in pursuit for justice? 


For the Citrus Heights Police Department, it is the privilege of carrying a torch of strength within our community. We understand that what is right isn’t always what is easy, but it is always worth it. 


Our greatest badge of honor is the impact we have on the people we serve. So we lock arms with each other, and with our community to build a today that leaves a legacy for tomorrow.

We dedicate ourselves every day to providing entrepreneurial, effective, and intelligence-led policing. We treat each individual opportunity to interact with our public with integrity, empathy, and care. We pledge to you that we will continually uphold our Core Values: Service, Innovation, Teamwork, Unity, and Professionalism. 


We focus on innovative and creative methods of policing in partnership with our community. Our collaborative approach to protecting Citrus Heights alongside our citizens, as guardians and peace-keepers, greatly enhances the quality of life and overall safety of our entire City. 


I am honored to lead a premiere police department committed to providing the gold-standard of public safety. I proudly stand with the men and women of the Citrus Heights Police Department who serve our noble police profession to protect our community and defend our U.S. and California Constitutions; standing arm-in-arm along side the people of Citrus Heights who partner with us to maintain an environment of safety. 


For all of us at the Citrus Heights Police Department, it's all about character!



Ronald A. Lawerence 

Chief of Police