Sustainability Programs

On July 11, 2011, the Citrus Heights City Council approved a General Plan Update focused on Sustainability AND adopted the first community-wide Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan (GGRP) in Sacramento County! The City has committed to reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions 10-15% below 2005 levels by 2020.

 The GGRP is the roadmap that will guide the City to meeting its emissions reduction goals. The plan has incorporated the community’s feedback; recognizing the community’s commitment to improving the environment while avoiding undue burdens and mandates on the citizens of Citrus Heights. The plan supports the City’s longstanding commitment to becoming a sustainable community.

The City’s efforts are within six primary categories including Urban Greening, Transportation, Water efficiency, Infrastructure Public Health and Safety, Energy Efficiency, and Waste Reductions. Click below for more details in each category.

Sustainability measures result in many benefits for the community:

  1. Saving Money – The City supports various programs related to energy and water efficiency actions that will encourage energy and water savings in City facilities and in your homes. Saving water and saving energy means more GREEN in your wallet and energy independence!
  2. Improved Health – The City has a long history of making efforts to improve walking and biking conditions in the City.  By improving these modes of transportation,  families will be able to use pathways for exercise an/or get their exercise while they walk or bike to/from work, school, grocery store or other Citrus Heights location.
  3. Improved Air Quality – In addition to reducing greenhouse gases, the GHGRP will result in improved air quality for us all to enjoy
  1. Energy Efficiency

    Learn ways to conserve energy and maintain an energy efficient home.

  2. Infrastructure, Public Health & Safety

    Find out how to properly dispose of household hazardous waste and how to garden vegetables in your home.

  3. Transportation & Connectivity

    Read helpful tips to become an eco-friendly driver or how to utilize bicycling to help the environment.

  4. Water Efficiency & Conservation

    Research ways on how to conserve water and efficiently use this natural resource.

  5. Waste Reduction

    Find facts about waste and tips on how to reduce waste.

  6. Complete Street Initiatives

    Complete Streets is the philosophy behind a growing movement to consider multiple modes of travel when designing roadways in order to make more livable communities.

  7. Citrus Heights Urban Greening Strategy (CHUGS)

    The Citrus Heights Urban Greening Strategy (CHUGS) is a City project to incorporate urban greening principles into the City’s regulations and how the City conducts business. The development of CHUGS is funded by an Urban Greening Planning Grant from the California Strategic Growth Council.