The city's Accounting Services Division maintains the accounting records for city assets and fiscal activities. This division provides support services to all city departments and maintains accurate financial records and preparation of reports in compliance with the Internal Revenue Service, Franchise Tax Board, State Board of Equalization, and other governmental agencies.

Accounts Payable

This division processes the city's accounts payable, maintains vendor files, and issues checks to vendors; files annual reports required by regulatory agencies; reviews internal controls; and ensures department adherence to established payable procedures.

Accounts Receivable

Accounting Services maintains the organization-wide accounts receivable system, including business licenses, housing stock, grant receipts, and tax receipts.


The division processes the city's employee payroll, files monthly and annual reports with taxing authorities and regulatory agencies, coordinates employee benefit coverage and reports with the Personnel Department, processes payments for insurance benefits and withheld taxes, and provides payroll statistics to various departments and agencies.


The Accounting Services Division manages the city's investment portfolio in accordance with adopted policies and plans, including preparing cash flow projections, coordinating broker / dealer services, identifying appropriate investment vehicles and time frames, and allocating interest earnings among funds in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

Fixed Assets

This division also records capital assets. Capital assets are major assets that benefit more than a single fiscal period. Examples include land, easements, buildings, vehicles, machinery, equipment, and infrastructure.

Department Reports