Commercial Haulers

Garbage & Recycling Service Providers

The following companies are franchised garbage and recycling service providers in the city:

Companies Offering Recycling Services

All these companies offer recycling services to their customers. Businesses may also utilize the services offered by the following authorized recyclers:

  • AAA Services - 916-600-3400
  • C & C Green Services - 916-806-8696
  • California Electronic Asset Recovery (CEAR) - 916-388-1777
  • International Paper - 916-371-4634
  • Modern Waste Solutions - 916-339-3676
  • Recycling Industries, Inc. - 916-452-3961
  • Rock-Tenn Recycling and Waste Solutions - 916-381-3340
  • Sacramento Regional Conservation Corps - 916-386-8394
  • Sims Recycling Solutions, Inc. - 916-772-5681
  • Southside Unlimited - 916-387-8080
  • Spencer Building Maintenance - 916-992-1900

Overall Cost Reduction

Most businesses and multifamily complexes can save money by reducing trash collection service with the implementation of a comprehensive recycling program. Feel free to contact your waste hauler to learn more about reducing overall costs.

Recycling Program Implementation Assistance

If you would like someone to visit your business or multifamily complex and help with implementation of your on-site recycling program, please contact the city’s General Services Department at 916-727-4770 or email General Services.