Sunrise Mall Specific Plan


Sunrise Mall has served an important role in the City prior to incorporation. Generations of residents and visitors have enjoyed the mall since 1972. The mall has been and continues to be an important community destination.

The City recognizes the importance the mall plays within the community and wants to ensure the mall continues to be a destination locally and regionally. Planning for the future of the mall, given the changing retail environment, is a key step to ensuring the continued success of the mall.

On July 11, 2019, the City Council adopted a General Plan Amendment, requiring the development of a Specific Plan for the Sunrise Mall Property to ensure a comprehensive planning approach to the future redevelopment of the mall. Goal 12 of the General Plan states:

Goal 12: Create an inviting and distinctive identity for Sunrise MarketPlace to promote its image as the City’s premier destination to shop, work, live and play.

Policy 12.3 Transform the Sunrise Mall area into a premier regional destination and a flourishing center of community life where residents and visitors shop, work, live, and play.

Action A. Prior to issuing any discretionary approval in the Sunrise Mall area, develop a comprehensive specific plan that includes:

• An effective concentration and complementary mix of land uses.

• Streetscape and community gathering features that are engaging and support an active street life and a stronger sense of place.

• Architectural and design details to transition this area from an auto-oriented suburban center to an amenity-rich, pedestrian-friendly, and   experience-oriented regional destination.

• Phasing, infrastructure, and financing approaches.

  • The specific plan shall reflect changing market conditions and provide sustained economic benefit to the City.

The City is in the early stages of moving forward with a Specific Plan Process. The Specific Plan process will help identify what the vision for the Sunrise Mall will be and how to collectively achieve that vision.

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